Bank accounts

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and TransferWise. It’s not a bank, but best way to transfer your money from one to another bank account


Opening UK bank account is one of the most important steps for everyone arrived in UK. You need to have a bank account when you start working to get your salary, you will need a debit card to pay for your shopping, later you will probably apply for a credit card and good relationship with your bank will be very important to get it approved. Lloyds TSB, Barclays, HSBC, RBS, Santander, Natwest and Halifax are well known banks here in the UK and it might be relatively hard to decide which bank to choose. It all depends on your preferences.

To open your bank account you need your passport/ID and proof of address (to find out what can act as a proof of address visit your preferred bank’s website). If you are a student, just ask for a Bank letter which will be provided by your university finance or other administration office.

If you came to UK and just started working, your Employer should be able to help you with the proof of address.

Can you open an account without proof of address?

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