CV, Interview and Cover letter

CV, Interview, Cover letter…

 A few links, where you can found a lot of informations, how to write better CV


Some advice for first job after completion of study:


Cover Letters, Personal Statements, CVs for Phds…:


Interviews and assessments:


Book How to succeed at Inverviews:


Book How to write a CV:


What is transferable skills?

  • communication – orally, in writing or electronically
  • teamwork – being a constructive team member, contributing practically to the success of the team
  • leadership – being able to motivate and encourage others, whilst taking the lead
  • initiative – ability to see opportunities and to set and achieve goals
  • problem solving – thinking things through in a logical way in order to determine key issues, often including creative thinking
  • flexibility/adaptability – ability to handle change and adapt to new situations
  • self-awareness – knowing your strengths and skills and having the confidence to put these across
  • commitment/motivation – having energy and enthusiasm in pursuing projects
  • interpersonal skills – ability to relate well to others and to establish good working relationships
  • numeracy – cash handling, competence and understanding of numerical data, statistics and graphs